Who We are
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MiddleClass Aftermath is a collaboration between Lindsay Hopper, Kelly Tighe and Beth Berlin. 

MiddleClass Aftermath is a production company created by three female filmmakers. With most of our work, we expose the realities dealing with the fallout of the middle class, and the various ways it shapes the people who are in it or touched by it. We aim to produce content that prompts questions, finds the humor in trivial things, and push the limits of what’s “comfortable” in order to affect change. Currently known for our online comedy content. Most recently, we produced a short film that was all shot and edited during the stay-at-home orders in Los Angeles, which went on to win the audience award at the Bigfooters At-Home Film Festival in early May. Additionally, we produce, write, and star in an ongoing live sketch comedy show called “The ____ Show”. We are consistently developing new content, including a feature film project and an episodic series in the works.

Services We Offer

MiddleClass Aftermath is a full service production company offering a variety of services that can be customized based on the needs of your project. Cost of services may vary depending on the size of the project and the needs of the production. All services include the handling of logistics, including SAG paperwork, hiring of crew and locating equipment, and location scouting. Additional services include casting, craft services, props, wardrobe, editing, writing, directing and acting.

If there are needs that are not listed, we are open to discussion! 

Project types include:

Demo Reels

Short Films


Target projects

Feature Films

Music Videos

Product Videos

Voiceover projects


Live Performances

Stage Plays


Event Production

Stuff we've won
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BigFooters At Home Film Festival 2020

Winner of the Audience Award

Esther & Morty Meet Linda's Friend Over The Zoom